Asso Pigliatutto


Asso Pigliatutto is a variation of the classic card game named Scopa (also known as Scopa d’Assi).

The goal of the game is to collect the cards on the table. You can take a card by playing a card of the same rank of a card on the table or if the rank matches the sum of more cards on the table. An extra point is awarded to the player that takes the last card(s) on the table. “Cleaning” the table from all cards is called a scopa (to sweep in italian), hence the name of the game. When playing an Ace you collect all the cards currently on table but in this case the extra point is not awarded unless you play with Sbarazzino rules enabled (this option is supported  by Asso Pigliatutto). You can read all rules in detail here.

The game features 13 decks*, 5 different difficulty levels, 5 tables and 3 card back colors.

It is rendered using OpenGL ES 2.0, through an updated version of a proprietary framework/engine I developed.

Other features are full support for WiFi Direct/Bluetooth/Google Play Games multiplayer. Leaderboards and Achievements are also supported, synched on different devices through google cloud save.

* All decks in the application have been kindly provided by Modiano Spa (

None yet.

Download from Google play.


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