Secret Agent PRO



Secret Agent is an app that includes a lot of useful tools and mimics in style a secret agent handheld device.

The following tools are shared with the free version:

  • A flashlight featuring an SOS-mode.
  • A set of camera filters: infrared, thermal camera, security camera.
  • Device diagnostics: memory, CPU, GPU and battery information (temperature, voltage, charge) and much more.
  • An handy compass.
  • Spectrum Analyzer… visualize sounds in realtime with a spectrogram.
  • Secret audio recording.
  • Satellite tool: GPS and GLONASS satellite position with radar and earth map, current address and specific satellite information.
  • Sensor data including magnetometer, orientation, acceleration. On supported devices you can read temperature, humidity, air pressure and dew point.
  • A nice wifi scanner analyzing frequencies and wifi signal strength.
  • Chance to launch these tools from an handy widget!

Secret Agent PRO adds the following features:

  • no ads
  • save realtime camera pictures in HD
  • secret video recording tool (selectable front or back camera)
  • QRcode reader
  • morse code text player

LED icons courtesy of tehkseven –
Compass graphics based upon Diego Monzon’s free compass –

Buy from Google play.

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