Pass to Tuscany



Pass To Tuscany is a special card you can use in Florence (and in Tuscany, of course) to get exclusive deals and discounts in hundreds of different places, including restaurants, bars, shops and more.

Connect to Pass to Tuscany website (also available in italian) to discover how to get your card and find the nearest deals.

I developed a FREE android app which provides a few interesting features. Not only it shows a list of deals (they are regularly updated without needing to update the app itself), but it also organizes all deals by category and helps you find all the deals closest to your location, by showing them on a map or a list ordered by distance.

Every partner has his own page where you can read the deal details and call/send an email with just one click to place a reservation.

You can also know the exact distance from your location for every partner, expressed in Kilometers or Miles.

Download from Google play.


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GPS Cheater
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